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Anthropology sydney music university

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Anthropology sydney music university

Offers a degree program towards the Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Information) and Master of Arts in Information, as well as specialized courses targeted.
Anthropology is the study of the many societies and cultures of the world and their complex interaction. Anthropology's global scope is complemented by a local.
The Anthropology of Music and Sound - This unit explores the distinct contributions that ethnographic research makes to our understanding of sound.

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Their work includes recording statistics, analysing individual experiences, monitoring trends and studying existing documents. Biblical Studies and Hebrew Classical. Other aspects of Anthropology, such as Ethno-linguistics and Prehistory, are taught in other departments of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education. Young Universities in the World Times higher education. Contact Us Emergency Help Right to Information Disclaimer and Privacy Complaints Unit Accessibility Feedback. Anthropology sydney music university
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