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Museum Studies college subjects to research on

acooltrip.info contains information and web links about museum studies training, careers and jobs, Smithsonian Fellowships in Museum Practice.
It is intended primarily for those who wish to enter the museum profession in the UK or abroad or else pursue PhD studies on museological topics. It provides a.
Looking for the best colleges offering Museology / Museum Studies Degrees? Doctoral/ Research University University of Maryland- College Park. College.

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It provides a balance of practice and theory for students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and cultures. Conference supported by:The Humanities Foundation at Boston University, the Preservation Society of Newport County, Newport Restoration Foundation and The Hotel Viking. New Audiences for Old Houses: Building a Future with the Past. The museum studies courses at Kent State employ a holistic approach to the study of museums as institutions, like libraries, that generate and perpetuate knowledge. Museum Object Preparation Methods. Associates Master's Program Smithsonian Center. The internships allow students to put their academic knowledge to work in specific settings while introducing them to the network of museum professionals. What To Expect as a Student. Why am I seeing this? This website is managed by Susan Dumais. Where can I find sources of traveling exhibitions? Developing Memorable Museum Tours. TEDxFSU - Paul Marty - Augmented Reality, Mobile Computing, and the Museum of the Future
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