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Sociology hardest college subjects reddit

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Sociology hardest college subjects reddit

Damn that sucks:(It must be so much harder being a woman in an . The same probably goes for sociology or psychology majors (who are actually is more difficult than any pure math course I've ever taken, but that's just.
(0 children). No, but we look down on sociology majors. science myself. Was the transition difficult for you in terms of the course work?.
Is sociology an interesting class? Makes for a harder class. . it's dry, i just encourage you to not discount taking more sociology courses later.

Guide: Sociology hardest college subjects reddit

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Still in academia or moved on to less-brutal pastures? This is an archived post. The analytical and inquisitive powers of the science are sometimes very hard to turn off in public. But if one actually enjoyed what they were learning, I don't see why it would be harder than liberal arts. Unless you love it, it will suck out your soul and kill your love of art. I am really excited.
Sociology and Psychology generally allow for a more opinionated analysis, in regards to theories and principles. Or Calc III because my instructor was unintelligible during lectures, so I felt like I had no idea what was going on in the class. Hardest: This one's a bit tougher Molecular Biology boston college subject tests me to decide, but it would probably have to be physical chemistry. Pro-tip: Don't specialize too much in engineering, especially in a really pissy commodity market. Finally the ChemE may go into sales or research.
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